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Syrve - Premium PartnerMYHORECA

MYHORECA implements automated systems  through software and hardware installation, which contribute to increasing the efficiency of public catering establishments. Our services are requested by entrepreneurs who own restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, etc. this conjuncture really requires an increased degree of monitoring of business processes, commercial operations, storage resources, employee actions and including the security of the enterprise.

Industries / Restaurant Types We Specialize In is a technological service offering the following solutions:

  • Restaurant chain. Management of both small and large networks is carried out professionally and without difficulties.
  • Restaurant, cafe, bar. A set of tools will allow you to effectively cope with tasks, monitor the progress of business and configure processes individually.
  • Fast food. Solutions for fast food establishments contribute to increasing customer loyalty and business development.
  • Canteen. The support and formation of the principles of the corporate canteen guarantee high-quality service and a uniform policy for employees.
  • Delivery service. Food and grocery delivery resources are managed in simple ways.
  • Catering and outbound trade. Interactive configuration of processes, the ability of the system to function even in remote areas.
  • Hotel. A set of solutions for the management of a hotel or a hotel chain aimed at improving the efficiency of service.
  • Franchise. Franchise management and real-time monitoring of partners' activities will no longer be a problem.

Services We Supply

Implementation, tech support, localisation, integrations.

Regions We Support

South East Asia, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya



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