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Syrve - Premium PartnerRestosoft

Restosoft is a fast-growing company leading in restaurant business automation, technology services, and digital transformation. The core competencies of Restosoft include selection and integration of the right solutions to address the client’s business challenges.

We deliver precisely chosen powerful vendor systems that integrate and accelerate processes within and among companies - restaurant management, finance, purchase, inventory management, HR and payroll, marketing and sales, customer portals, task management, business intelligence, and IT infrastructure among others. Our clients get the best customer-centric solutions.

Industries / Restaurant Types We Specialize in:

Services We supply

  • Business consultation
  • Installation
  • Integrations
  • Cost Control Service
  • Audit Service
  • Data Management
  • Marketing
  • HR Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Technical Support 24/7

Regions We Support


Phone: +995557221882

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